Awesome Elevator Ads

When advertisers are this creative, I don't mind the surging tide of commercialism into my everyday life.

Island of the Dolls

One act of remembrance to a drowned child has turned this Mexican island into one of the creepiest places on Earth.

You Fail at Parking

When someone can't park worth a damn, it's annoying but when someone can't park worth a damn and it's icy, it can be hilarious!

Disneyland in Lego

Chris at Brickshelf has created this wonderful tribute to Disneyland including the famous castle, Splash Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, and my personal favorite, The Haunted Mansion!

Book Art

Artist Mike Stilkey's exhibit here shows that even unwanted books can be amazing.

Iran's 700 Year-Old Houses

Allegedly, these homes in Iran, carved out of solid rock, were built on the order of 700 years ago and are still inhabited.

The Roman Army Knife

Everyone loves the Swiss Army knife, but it looks like the Romans had the idea 1600 years before they did!


More Tattoo "Tradgedy"

With tattoos, the mark is permanent so when you find a person to give you one, make sure that they are certified... or at least a good speller.


Osaka Stadium

At this strange baseball stadium, you may not catch a game, but you might find a new home!

How to Piss Off Jack Nicholson

I have a feeling the cameraman didn't live.