From Death to Art After Katrina

We've been wanting to see it for years, and apparently it happened right under our noses.

Newspaper Nuttiness

Sometimes it's an intentional joke, other times it's just the wrong wording, and other times we don't know what the hell these people were thinking.

Drinking Problems

Trust no one when you are drinking... especially if they have a camera.


Movie Marquee Changeover

Oh dear...


Puppy Rescue

It's not funny, it's not incredibly amazing, but it's a wonderful testament to the goodness inside of all of us.


Humor in Uniform

Consider this my tribute to those who are fighting for the freedom I have to spend my time doing such trivial stupid shit.


Strange Object in Space

NASA claims that this is the result of an asteroid collision... but we know the truth!


Antarctica's Blood Falls

Very few people have heard of it, but Antarctica has one of the strangest waterfalls in the world.

Disney's Abandoned Water Park

Hidden quietly in Walt Disney World is an old water park being slowly reclaimed by the Florida swamp.

India's Living Root Bridges

In Northeastern India where it's nice and wet, the bridges aren't built, they're grown!