Sara Palin is a Dipshit

In other news, the sky is blue, fire is hot, and water is wet.

Penis Bridge

It's not what you think.  All right... it might be what you think.

Old Man Winter is a Bastard

If you think that this winter was tough on you, you should really stop complaining...


Uniform Screw Up

Look closer...

Snow Storms from Orbit

Take a look at the aftermath of "Snow-Maggeddon" as the crew of The International Space Station saw it.


Bees Under Glass

In an interesting experiment, this beekeeper decided to see what would happen if he put a glass jar over one of the holes in a beehive.

The Simpson's House

It really exists and it can be yours for $120,000!


Pictures in Stereo

An interesting optical illusion.

Turtle Relationship Advise

The Ninja Turtles know a lot about women.


Statues with Teeth

A mere ten miles from the Russian border in Finland are some odd statues that get really creepy the closer you get!