The Tree of Children

An Indonesian village has a unique way to bury deceased children.

Art from Old Tires

I don't know who does this, but it's awesome.

Train Burns Bridge

What one tiny little malfunction can do.

Ice Bombs

Ever wonder why people say you shouldn't park next to buildings during severe snowstorms?


Tattoo Cover-Ups

Tattoos will often outlast relationships, so what do you do when you've got that name tattooed on you and you hate the person it belongs to?


Tiny Enterprise

Space... the final frontier.  These are the voyages of the tiny Starship Enterprise.

Little Bastard on Chat Roulette

It's offensive, racist, and hilarious all in one go.


Kid with 30 Fingers and Toes

Meet the kid that now holds the record for most digits.


Hussaini Bridge

No, why don't YOU go first!


Orca kills Dolphin

A tourist's camera catches a killer whale behavior never before witnessed or documented.