Drought in China

When you complain about only having one day a week to water your lawn, think about this area's problem.

Duct Tape Van

Oh, duct tape, is there anything you can't make look white trashy?

The Importance of Good Tires

It could save your life someday and not in the way you expect!

Lunch with a Gopher

If you love animals, this is probably not something you should see.

The Rainbow Eucalyptus

The most colorful tree on earth.


Sonic the Rollercoaster Squirrel

The first rodent to be banned from a ride.


You know, on second thought, don't look at this.

Diddy Doo-Doo

Diddy runs afoul of a canine.

Lightning Strike Burn

Take a look at some of the more bizarre signs you've probably drive past without even noticing.

How China Negotiates with Kidnappers

Far be it for me to give props to China for anything, but damn... good job.