Wil Wheaton

Why do I love Wil Wheaton so much when I completely hated Wesley Crusher?

Crayon Art

Sure, they may look cool but they still taste like wax.

Living with the World's Largest Rodent

At over a hundred pounds, this family took a look at this thing and thought, "Hey, let's keep it as a pet!"

Funny TV Screeshots

Things taken out of context are so amusing.


Another Uniform Failure

I hate it when professionals can't spel.


Tiny Russian Submarine

Imagine if he gets his hands on a teeny weenie nuclear bomb!

More Newspaper Nuttiness

Perhaps saving money by firing the copyeditors wasn't such a great idea.


Caught in the Act

Take one place known for illicit encounters and throw in a dick with a flash camera and you have internet gold!  Warning: Naughty!

Drawn by Different Artists

Famous cartoons drawn in a different style.


Minas Tirith out of Matches

Just keep it away from open flames and armies of orcs.