World's Largest Beaver Dam

Why should you give a damn about this dam?  Because it's longer than Hoover Dam and you can see it from fucking space!

The Right Angle

More examples of a camera being in the right place at the right time.

Vandalized Ads

While I would never condone vandalism, some of these are very clever.


Elk vs. Tractor

Not what you think...

Edachnaya Pipe

Another look at a great big hole.


Serial Tunnel

It seemed like such a nice young tunnel... who would have thought it was actually a killer!?

Bunny Letter Opener

Just like a regular letter opener, only cuter.


Sleeping Angels

Grief stricken parents use to pay a photographer to take a photo of their dead child's corpse, sometimes propping it up and painting the eyelids to make them appear alive. WARNING: DISTURBING!

Acrylic on Flesh

Alexa Meade is a Washington D.C. artist who paints real people to look like a two-dimensional canvas.

Eureka Tower Car Park

These amazing illusions, which can be seen from only certain angles, is used on the walls at the Eureka Tower Car Park in Melbourne to help people find their way around.