Weird and Funny Graduation Cakes

It's the end of the school year and graduations are underway!  Before you cut into that cake of yours, take a good look first.

Silicone Makes You Ugly

Another sad example of a beautiful woman turning herself into a sewer mutant.

Sometimes the Bull Wins

I would feel sorry for the guy, but bullfighting is such an awful sport he kind of deserves this.


The One-Log House

Can you build a log cabin out of only one log?  Yes you can!

Amazing Star Trek Art

I want one.


The Lake with a Long Name

No, I will not type it out.

Horny Iceberg

Something tells me that the warming climate is making this ice a little too excited.


Wheel of Misfortune

Oh, Vanna, you dirty bitch...

Rustling Up Some Grub

Om nom nom nom.

Failure in Neon

I know that neon is expensive to replace, but damn people...