Two Girls, One Camera

How can something this mundane end in so much failure?

Pedobear Invades the Winter Olympics

One innocent joke photoshop makes fools out of the worldwide news media!

Homemade Batmobiles

Face it, we all want to be like Batman.


Funny Receipts

We never seem to check them when we don't need to, but now I'm thinking we need to.

The Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Because, you know... when you think of the Titanic, you think of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.


Terraced Rice Fields

In altering the mountains to hold water, some surreal and beautiful environments are born.

Bionic Kitty

We can make it better, stronger, faster... more evil.


Peru's Guinea Pig Festival

An annual celebration of America's favorite pet!  What's that delicious smell?

Vintage Men's Magazines

A look back in the day when men's magazines were for real men with real problems like... getting attacked by flying squirrels.

Giant Sea Bugs

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water...