Granny's Medicine Cabinet

Some of the stuff in there is over 40 years old!

Thread Art

Most people knit with this stuff, but take a look at what one artist is doing!

Sliding Door Failures

Now who would have known that innocent little designs would turn into something horrible when placed on a van?


After School Specials

Problems facing every middle America white teenager.

It's Going to be a Great Day!

Sometimes you just know.


The Lenin Statue in Antarctica

In the most inaccessible part at the South Pole, you're going to find something very unusual.

Grave Coincidences

I know you shouldn't laugh at dead people, but...


Cave School

I'm not sure why they're educating these kids in a cave, but it's awesome!

Bullets Collided in Mid-Flight

In our eternal quest to kill each other, some weird things happen.

Albino Children

What's more amazing is that their parents are black and they have two black siblings!