Aquarium Elevator

Never before have I ever wanted to travel so far just to ride an elevator.

The Tabby Tiger

The cutest thing that would ever rip your face off.

The Cutest Frog Ever

It's a smiling frog!  Smiling!  Why is he smiling?  He probably knows it's lunch time.


The Year the Army Shut Down Niagara Falls

In 1969, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers did something awesome.

Minnie The Arrow Cat

A shocking act of cruelty and an amazing tale of survival.

California's Third Largest City is a Ghost Town!

It doesn't seem possible, but it's true!


A Sexist Kids Book

Please say it's a satire... please, please, please!


Quit Hatin' This Car!

The last time I saw something like this, it was on a Matchbox playset.

Funny Help Wanted Signs

If you're out of a job and you see signs like this, my advise is to keep on walking!

The Woman With a Horn

No, not THAT kind of horn!  I mean a real horn... coming out of her head!