The Worst Building on Earth

It's huge, ugly, unfinished, and will never be used.  What and where is this eyesore?

Happy Mars

There are more faces on Mars... and they're happier!


Strange Graves

A look at some odd, funny, and disturbing burial practices.


Hairdos from Hell

Why bald is beautiful...



Eating Trees

Trees slowly show us who the real master of the Earth is.


Amazing RV

This thing is nicer than my house!


Mile High Dining

Gourmet food and a view that cannot be beat.  Take a look at a unique restaurant in Europe.


Antique Condoms

Not that making you think of your grandparents having sex is bad enough, now we're going to show you what they used to do it!


Holy Cow!

Scientists have created open holes in cow's stomachs that you can reach into... if you're into that kind of thing.


Coin Stacking

With a little patience and a lot of money, you too can take up this fascinating pasttime!