Amazing Phone Book Art

Well, at least phone books are useful for something nowadays.

The Cock Lock

Yes... it's just what it sounds like.

The 60 Year Pregnancy

Congratulations!  It's a... rock?


Funny Personalizes Plates

We love to put personalized things on our license plates, but some people are a tad more creative.


Skull Camera

The weirdest camera you will ever see.


The Crack in Space

Oh crap!  Anyone got the number for the T.A.R.D.I.S.?


World Cup News Failure

You don't think anyone will notice, do you?


Epic News Headline

Headlines just don't get any more awesome than this one.


Abandoned Six Flags Park

Hurricane Katrina closed the doors on this park forever.


Hilarious Pirate DVD Covers

They may be accomplished movie pirates, but their English sucks something funny.