The Creepiest Flower on Earth

Whoa!  It looks like it's going to bite someone!

Kylie Minogue and a Bear

In the bear's position, I think I would be doing the same thing.

Awesomely Funny Signs

Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs.  Messin' up the scenery, breakin' my mind!


Cocaine Smuggling Submarine

Speedboats were so 1990's anyway.


Fate and Love at Disney World

This bride to be got the shock of her life when she looked through some old pictures.

Ancient Dildo

I wonder... do you think it's ever been up a caveman's butt?


The Sad Story of the Man with the S-Shaped Arm

An uncaring hospital and a shameless bureaucracy left this man with a debilitating deformity.


Dog Befriends a Praying Mantis

I'm pretty sure this friendship ended with one eating the other.


The World's Biggest Treehouse

Hey, I want one!


The World's Smallest Playable Guitar

There are some viruses that are bigger than this thing!