Nerds vs. Idiots

What happens when the racist, homophobic, and generally assholish Westborough Baptist Church decides to protest Comic Con?

Taylor Lautner has a Twin

Those eyes, those abs, that lack of acting ability.. the only way he could be more dreamy would be if there was more than one of him!

Horrible Names

The only explanation is that some parents hate their kids.


Heron vs. Bunny

Oh, look at the cute little... OH MY GOD!!!


The Gum Wall

One of the grossest tourist attractions you will ever find.

Pac Man Blueprints

The creator of Pac Man gives us a rare and special look at the birth of modern gaming.


Cats with Four Ears

I wonder where they get their ear buds.


The Most Polluted Rivers in the World

We are really fucking up the planet.


Weird Family Pictures

Some of these will cause your WTF-o-meter to go off the scale.


Melon Carvings

Just like the Mona Lisa... but edible and therefore, more worthwhile!