Dirty Headlines

It's amazing how an innocent news story can suddenly take a turn for the worse with one ill-used word.

The One-Pound Deer

Animal rescue workers show off a tiny miracle.

The Man with Half a Head

A horrible tale of injury and justice denied.

Catch of the Day

Some days it doesn't pay to swim out of bed.


Can you spot the military men hiding in these pictures?  Of course, once you see them it's already too late.

Jenny vs. Spencer

You've probably seen Jenny, the girl who quit her job with a white board, but have you seen her boss's reply yet?

San Francisco Toothpick Sculpture

One hundred thousand toothpicks and 34 years of work!  It was worth it.

Crazy Crisscross Bridge

This bridge may look like it's going to be the weirdest bridge ever, but there is surprising sanity behind it.

Happy New Ear

A little girl gets a special gift.  This is so heartbreaking and sweet!


Parental Failures

This is why we need to sterilize the stupid.