Raptor Rainbow

A very cool thing happens when a jet breaks the sound barrier and you're in just the right spot.

Restroom Philosophy

The deepest thoughts are not always found in books.  Then again, they're not always found here, either.

Vampires Have Changed

Twilight has a lot to answer for.


The Christian Explanation of Dinosaurs

Personally, I think dinosaurs are a government conspiracy to cover up the existence of Pokemon.


President Obama Writes an Excuse for a Little Girl

This is one of those notes that the school would probably frame.

Mormon Porn

How can you ogle naked girls without actually ogling naked girls?


Saudi Arabian Censorship

Because nothing will topple an iron-fisted theocracy faster than Mariah Carrey's naval.


Extending a Cruise Ship

I had no idea that this was done but, then again, I guess it's cheaper than building a whole new boat.


Anti-Teabagger Signs

Made by the other 90 percent of Americans who aren't goddamn insane.

Scarification Tattoos

Believe it or not, there's something more permanent than a regular tattoo.