The Timing Kind of Sucks...

There's a time and a place to tow a car.  This ain't one of them.

Sandwich Creations

These works of art look like they should be in a museum rather than in my tummy!

What's on the Bridge?

Driving down this highway, I imagine more than a few drivers had to do double-takes.

The 1990 World of Nintendo Catalogue

Kids, this is probably what your mom and dad dressed like.

The Moscow Surprise

A Dutch couple visited Moscow and took some lovely pictures, but when they got home they noticed something odd in the background.

Remnants of the Russian Fires

A small and eerie look and unusual damage from the August 2010 blazes,

What a Difference Two Years Makes

Surely a little piercing and tattooing won't render this charming fellow unrecognizable!

The PS3 Building

Something about this building looks familiar, but I can't put my thumbs on it.

Chinese Knockoffs

I remember getting "Special Man" for Christmas one year.  Damn my cheap parents!


Baby Octopus

Awwww... how adorably horrible!