Hipster Dinosaurs

Who knew that under all that roaring and bluster, the dinosaurs were just self-absorbed douchebags?

Kool-Aid and Oreo Hairdos

One day in the not too distant future, there will be no catalogues in hair saloons. You'll just point to your can of Fanta and say "this!"

The House in the Hill

Hobbits would totally dig this place.


Tips for Single Dames

Straight from the enlightened time of 1939 -- tips for you ladies looking for a man!


Massive Russian Sea Plane

The Ekranoplane sits in a boneyard today, but it's still an awesome machine.

The Hanging Temple of Hengshawn

Even though it's been around for over a thousand years, it looks like a strong wind could knock it over, but don't be deceived!

The Soviet City in the Sea

One amazing marvel you've probably never heard of.


Not a Road

What looks like a gravel road isn't a gravel road and, if this doesn't make you sick, nothing will.


Mercedes Scar

After a car accident, this guy is walking away with an unusual souvenir.

Bite My Shiny Metal Bench

Friend memorialize their fallen comrade with the greatest of all benches anywhere.