The Newly Discovered Frog That Was There All The Time

How can a frog we've known about for over 100 years be a newly discovered species?

Walt Disney Didn't Create Woody Woodpecker

Walt Disney responds to a fan who credits him with the wrong thing.

SUV vs. A Guard Rail

It's a miracle this didn't kill anyone.


Wolverine Hates Jews

It's true and we have the proof!  Oy!


Rare Star Trek: The Next Generation Pictures

More from the Star Trek archives and a look at TNG you've never seen before.

The Two-Legged Pig

Check out this pig that survives with only two legs.  I guess, if you have a pig this good, you don't eat it all at once.

Inappropriate Children's Book

Who thought that these books would be a remotely good idea and what drugs were they on?


Toy Shortage at McDonalds

I hate it when this happens.


Python Digests a Rat

Science is awesome, but gross science is even awesomer!

Watson Lakes's Sign Post Forest

One of Canada's most unusual and fun tourist traps.