Pegasus Piano

The piano is outdated and old.  Get a load of the next step in piano evolution.

Rice Art

With a little creative planting, farmers become artists in China.


A Terrible Disease

What could this terrible affliction be?


Faith the Bipedal Dog

A dog who stands above the rest.


The Day the Sun was Dwarfed

Something is out there bigger than the sun and it's closer than you think!


The Door to Hell

It exists and it's been burning for over 35 years!

German Sex Ed

They certainly start them young over there, don't they?


Unbelievable X-Rays

Doctors find the most interesting things inside of us.


Incredible Egg Artist

Using only two steady hands and a lot of eggs, this artist creates something amazing.


Disturbing Kids Book

Evil and ignorance printed into book form and marketed to children.  Makes me sick.