Funny and Unintentionally Sexual Books

You might get a few odd stares if you check these books out and you totally wouldn't deserve them.

Human Remains Found Inside a Shark

A tourists' catch turns out to be a maneater.  Warning: graphic photos!

Lego Super Mario

It's over five feet tall and weighs over a hundred pounds.  Mama mia!


What You Eat When You Eat An Apple

You're swallowing a little more than delicious red goodness.


Church House

From a place of worship to home sweet home.

The Old Man of Crater Lake

There's something special about that log floating in the water.

Low Landings

One of the most exciting beaches in the world.


Wood Sculptures by Randall Rosenthal

No, seriously... it's wood.


Baby Steps

Another year, another set of legs.

Gangsta Failures

Some of the most retarded gangstas you will ever laugh at.