Humanity at its Finest

A wonderful testimony to the kindness of strangers.

Horrible Eyebrows

Ladies... please don't do this to yourselves.

Star Trek: The Old Meets the New

The stars of classic Star Trek visit the set of 2009's movie.


Dead Drops

The death of Limewire and other file-sharking networks got you down?  A New York City artist has the answer!


Unlimited Urban Woods

How did an Amsterdam company create a large wooded glade in the middle of a city?

More Strange Graves

There's something special about that log floating in the water.

What the Hell is an Aluminum Falcon!?

Also, what the hell is a duct tape AT-AT!?


When an Elephant Dies...

What happens when an elephant forgets... to live.


Funny Lost Animal Fliers

Some are funny, some are fake, others are just heartbreaking.

Spectacular Air Show Crash

The fact that the pilot walked away from this one us amazing.