Frog Soapdish

What could be so weird about an innocent little soap--  OMG!!!


Awesome on land or sea.

Duck Punishes Duckling

You listen to mama or thing will happen to you!!!


Best Supermarket Display Ever

Major kudos to whomever did this

Strange Tennis Pictures

It's amazing how the simple act of keeping your eye on the ball can make you look so odd.

Boys Will Be Boys

Men are pigs and boys are piglets.

Man's Arm Grows Over Shackles

Kept in an illegal Chinese prison for years, Zhang Chuanqiu literally can't shakes the chains of imprisonment.


Actors Who Were Almost in Star Trek: The Next Generation

It's hard to image this show with anyone else in the leading role, but look at what almost happened.

The Burton River Football Match

Just like a normal football match, only it's played in the river.

Strange Vending Machines from Around the World

They sell more than just sodas and candy, you know.