Awkward Store Names

I see someone missed a day of that business seminar.

Creatively Shaved Body Hair

I do apologize for this.  It was a slow week.

Chinese Sex Ed Book

A book intended for children includes a cool condom in shades and a pair of testicles that talk to each other!


Python vs. Kangaroo

There will be only one victor... and it won't be the kangaroo.

Book Carvings

Amazing... someone has come up with a use for telephone books!

Funniest Headlines of 2010

News is funny.

Hidden Image in Chinese Money

It doesn't matter if your a capitalist or a communist... at heart, we're all perverts.


Inflatable Gulliver Museum

The largest inflatable in the world is also an educational tool.


The Chinese Flip Flop Incident

Some shoes should only be reserved for your greatest enemies.

Kirby is Angry

What is it about America that pisses this cute little video game character off so much?