Abandoned Russian Space Shuttle Program

It's sad what the collapse of a country will do to a space program.

Of All The People In All Of the World

If a grain of rice equaled a person, how big of a pile of rice would you have?

Amazing Food Can Sculptures

Awesome temporary art for a good cause.


The Man With No Face

A man with a massive tumor on his face refused to have it removed for years because his religion forbade it.

The Right Angle

Pictures taken at just the right time.

Flying Fish

Awesome fish that take to the air.

Unusual Coffins from Ghana

I'm not sure why they do this, but when I die I want one.


Elephant vs. Alligator

I think one of them might be disqualified for cheating.


Colorful Kelburn Castle

A 700 year old castle is given a modern makeover.

Funny Packaging

A little weird labeling, a little inappropriate positioning, and a little weird wording.