Kawak IJen Volcano

Scalding tempuratures, toxic fumes, and a lake of acid... all in a day's work for some people!


Welcome aboard the world's largest boat powered by nothing but the rays of the sun!

How Not to Cross the Border

Some amusing and uncomfortable foiled attempts.


A Fish Story

In come circles, this is called a "double prize."

Australia's Glowing Lake

Sorry, but bathing in it will not grant you superpowers.

Alligator vs. Lion

A misunderstanding is solved through conversation and understanding.  Not really...  it's through biting and ripping.

Christian Bale Body Transformations

The true scope of Bale's roles cannot be fully appreciated until you see what he does to himself physically to match the part he plays.

The Awesomeness of iPhone Autocorrect

A feature to prevent misspellings leads to some awesome misunderstandings.


USS Enterprise in Christmas Lights

I've never seen anything capture the Christmas spirit so beautifully.

Martian Ice Lake

It's about two kilometers deep, twenty five kilometers across, and will likely be the location of our first Martian colony!