A Tail of Two Snakes

What happens when two hungry snakes meet?  What if one of them is a rattlesnake?

It's All Wood!

From his house to his clothes and even his car; this guy likes wood so much that he surrounds himself with it!


Ice Circles

A running river and freezing temperatures creates some of the most perfect circles you will see!


Foot Binding

The Chinese believed that a small foot was sexy and so women deformed them for over 1,000 years!


False Advertising

What the hell kind of a movie is THIS!?


Emirates Airbus 380

An amazing airplane that redefines high altitude comfort.


Jellyfish Lake

An amazing natural wonder that allows divers to swim with jellyfish... without getting killed!


Indian Street Dentist

What if your dentist's waiting room was the sidewalk and his operating table was the curb?


Eye Tattoo

Could we be looking at the next step of body modification?


The Glow Worm Cave

New Zealand has a cave unlike any other, a cave where the residents make their own light!