The Wooly Mangalica Pig

They look like a pig mixed with a goat, they were almost extinct, and best of all -- you can eat them!

The House in the Mango Tree

An Indian engineer and his family have put a new meaning to the word "green home."

Strange Names on Signs

I'm sure that at least one of these have caused an accident on the roads.


Thailand Hell Horror Park

Looking for a fun filled family retreat?  Why not take them to a park that shows people being tortured in Hell!

Japanese Pinocchio Book

This is just like the traditional Pinocchio book with one slight difference.

Tulip Fields

One of the most colorfully spectacular things you will ever see.

Pokemon Cat

Aw, what a cute little... JESUS CHRIST WHAT IS THIS!?

The Stiletto Snake

It may be strange that a snake named after a woman's shoe could be one of the more dangerous snakes in Africa.

Kayak Funeral

This is like a Viking funeral, only decidedly more creepy.


A collection of images that will make you glad these people are not you.