Manned Missions to Venus and Mars

Such things may seem like frivolous Science Fiction, but both the Soviets and the Americans had the technology and the plans to do both in the 1970's!

Perverted Amusement Park Ride

Oh, hello Oblix!  What have you got in your... OH MY GOD!!!

The Tree Pod

This modular treehouse concept puts the amenities of a home in the convenience of a large Christmas ornament.

Funny Mugshots

Looking this strange should be illegal!  Oh, wait...


Man Pulls Car with Eyelids

And no, I don't mean that a man is going to pull a car equipped with eyelids... I mean... Hell, just look, all right?

Inappropriate Signs

Each one of these is wrong on at least one level.  Others are wrong on many levels.

The Legendary Yale Prank on Harvard

You would think that, for such a smart school, they might have figured this out before.

The Circle of Life

Cartoons are so much nicer than reality.


Invisible Dog

The cat's worst nightmare.

Marriage Proposal

If she didn't say yes, she has no soul.