Staffa: The Column Island

One of the more unusual island you've ever seen.

The Eagle has Landed

When an eagle hits a windshield at 60 miles per hour, it has the effect of making the eagle really... pissed off.

Acapulco Fish Swarm

What may look like darkly colored water is actually alive!!!

A Messed Up Book About Opposites

I swear, some of these people write books just to see how badly they can screw with a kid's mind.  I think that's awesome.

Real Life Up

A house lifted into the sky by balloons could never really happen, right?

Basset Hounds Running

It looks like these things have skins that are three sizes too big and that makes them awesome.

How New York City Disposes of Old Subway Cars

This isn't exactly what I had pictured at all.

Tsunami Cat

While news of the tsunami has been incredibly tragic, there have been survivor stories including this one.


Slowly Going Crazy

This is what four years of public school does to a guy.

Wave Rock

Another amazing find from Australia.