Magdeberg Water Bridge

Prompting cries of "Photoshop!" since 2006.

Screwy Portraits

10,000 screws makes for a very nifty 3D picture.

Breathing Room for Fish

If you think that Winter sucks, imaging spending it as a fish!


Homes Built in Water Towers

The stairs are kind of a bitch, but the view is incredible!

More Funny Family Pictures

I'm not sure, but I think our photographers drunk, mom!

Double Takes

Don't just glance over this collection of photos.  They deserve your scrutiny because each contains a surprise.

Album Cover Babies

Have you ever wondered what happened to those cute little tykes that appeared on CD albums a few years ago?  Me neither.

Awesome Prosthetic Leg

I almost want to cut off my own leg to get one of these!

Houseplants in Holland

No, really!  They're just houseplants!  Honest!

Find the Child

There's a kid hidden somewhere in this room.  Can you find him?  Pedobear not eligible to compete.