Surprising Cartoon Voices

Those voices coming from your favorite animated fare are coming from some very shocking sources!

A Monster of a Surprise

Beware when drinking a Monster Energy Drink!  In addition to being some of the worst swill in the entire world, you might find a little something extra at the bottom of the can.

Painted Game Consoles

When you get tired of the old gray, white, or black video game systems, this guy will give them a little color.

Amazing Images
A large collection of random images that are anything but boring.

More Hilarious Screen Grabs
There's some weird stuff on television.

Famous Last Words
Some of the most famous and infamous people in history said some pretty interesting things before shuffling off the moral coil.
Poorly translated signs and instructions are always a source of amusement.
Pulsar Ripping Through the Galaxy
It's big, dense, deadly, and shooting through space at one million kph.  Thankfully, not towards us!
The Knockoff
When purchasing cheap computer equipment from stores, be careful what you're paying for.
Dog Faces at 50 mph
These are some of the happiest doggies you have ever seen!