World's Tallest Lego Tower

It's almost 100 feet tall and contains almost half a million bricks!


The Blue Screen of Death

It strikes at the Olympics and several people catch it on camera!


Fucking, Austria

A little town with a funny name.


Scarification Tattoo

We're talking hardcore body modification here, children.  Warning: icky!


Horny Bull

Lurch has the worlds largest set of horns.  How large are they?  Very large.


Tattoo Implants

How do you improve a tattoo of a beautiful lady?  Give it real boobs!


Dead Man Standing

One man's final wish creates one of the most unusual and creepy wakes in history.


More Rock Balancing

Seemingly impossible, serenely beautiful.  Check out these amazing pictures of rocks balanced on each other.


You Think Your Job Sucks...?

It could be much, much worse.


Tattoo Failure

Sometimes, failure is permanent.