Perplexing Pictures from the Past

No wonder they call them "the good old days!"  Everyone was on drugs!!!

Ouch!  A Collection of Sports Injuries

Are you ready to wince at the misfortune of others? 

Not Smart People

They live among us.

Cats that Look Like Hitler

Are these little kitties evil?  In a statement, these cats said, "Nein!  Ve are not evil!" and then they ate a baby.

Unfortunate Food Labels

When I look at the names of these snacks, I think of something else for some reason.  Am I really that big of a pervert?

The World's First Billion Dollar Home

Oh please, we all know that the first billion dollar home belonged to Richie Rich!

What Could Be Wrong With This Car?

After a vacation to the woods, the owner of this car started hearing a strange sound that was driving him nuts.

Behind the Scenes

A special peek at the other side of the camera of some of Hollywood's greatest treasures.

Swedish Subway System

The Swedes have a tendency to think outside the box and, let me tell you, it fucking rocks.

Frog in a Wine Bottle

Well, if there's a worm in a bottle of tequila, I don't see the problem with this!