Construction Fails

I'm sure that most of these mistakes were caused by nacho cheese on the blueprints.

Ugly Bridesmaids' Dresses

I have the feeling that some of these brides didn't actually like their bridesmaids.

Puzzling Portraits

These are professional portraits, all right... but why did a professional allow this!?

Bookstore Sarcasm
You've gotta love how some of this stuff is categorized.

Invisible Cat
If you can't see it, you're seconds away from death.

Tiger is Happy
What could be making this man so darn happy?
Contra Sweater
If I had a sweater like this, I would actually wear sweaters.
Clothes Made from Blow Up Dolls
Excuse me, sir, there seems to be a nipple on your head.
Martian Sunset
A beautiful sunset on a different planet.
The Rollercoaster Designed to Kill You
If Texas ever wanted to get creative in killing its prisoners, here's an amusing suggestion...