Rachael Ray is Evil

I always thought that she was so sweet... now, I know the terrible truth of it all!

More Surprising Cartoon Voices

Those voices coming from your favorite animated fare are coming from some very shocking sources!

Do You Have a Dirty Mind?

Can you possibly look at these innocent pictures without thinking of something inappropriate?

Bush Sculptures
Who in their right mind would put up a statue of the country's worst president!?  Oh... wait, these are actual bushes.

The Strange Case of William West and William West
How did the extraordinary meeting of two prison inmates lead to a revolution in identification?

The World's Safest Home
When the inevitable zombie invasion finally happens, this is the place to go.
Cats Don't Care
They don't care; they'll just chill anywhere they want and it don't matter.
Obscene Acne
This poor kid is living every teenager's nightmare.
Funny Diving Faces
It's amazing that the face some people get when they dive is the same face they get when they're on the toilet.
Terrible Taxidermy
If these animals weren't already dead, I would want to kill them with fire!