Sad and Lonely

Alone?  Feeling down?  There's always someone around to offer their support.

Building a Nest

Birds can do a lot with mud, spit, and whatever else they can find.

A Scottish Wedding

The importance of good hygiene on your special day.

Horrible Vintage Fashion
Several decades of "what were we thinking?" come together in one collection!

A rare and extreme weather phenomenon that is as deadly as it is beautiful.

The World's Shortest Man

This month, Junrey Balawing celebrates his eighteenth birthday and his inclusion in the Guinness Book of World Records as the shortest man on the planet.

Giant Lilies

Deep in the Amazon, you're going to find some gigantic lilly pads. How big? Assuming your kid isn't really fat, he could sit on one and not sink!


Shaking Dogs

Even the mangy mutts we all love are trying to shake off the heat of the Dog Days of Summer!

Suicide Notes

Actual notes written by people who have taken their lives.

Captain Jack Sparrow: Muslim?

Is it possible that one of America's biggest film heroes has been a Muslim this whole time?