Patiently Waiting for Duke

Exactly how long have gamers been waiting for Duke Nukem Forever?


Imaging creating an incredible work of art and not being allowed to make one single mistake.


Funny Five Dollar Bills

A couple of artists have taken some bills and made them even more valuable by drawing on them!


Bridge to Nowhere

You would have to be crazy to drive your car over this bridge, wouldn't you?


The Cure for Tiny Nipples

If you've been blessed with hilariously small niblets, there's a simple cure for it!


Humorous Celebrity Tombstones

It's never fun when a beloved celebrity dies, but when they find humor in their final bow, you can't help but smile.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

When a relationship dies, sometimes the bad news is communicated with notes and sometimes, those notes are hilarious.

The Golden Orb Weaver

Are you ready for something that will haunt your nightmares and cause cold chills up and down your back?  Oh Jesus!  Is that it clawing at my window!?


Seriously, what the hell is this?

Find the Lizard

Can you use your puny human powers of perception to find the lizard hiding in these photos?