Saline Forehead Injections

The latest and stupidest trend is becoming huge in Japan and could be heading to your neighborhood soon!

The Flatmobile

At only 19 inches high, this is the shortest street legal car in the entire world!


Ghost Ants

How would you like it if your butt turns the color of whatever food you've been eating?  Apparently, I've been eating a lot of sour cream lately.

Will Smith's Trailer

Some Hollywood actors have to cram themselves into small pull trailers between takes for a little privacy, but then again... not all actors are Will Smith!

Remarkable Misty Mirage

We've seen some strange illusions here at Curiosities, but never have we seen one this wonderfully weird!

Count the Cars

How many cars do you see in this picture?  Are you sure?  I mean, really really sure?

Prom Photos from the 90's

Wow, we really looked like douche bags back then, didn't we?

Church Island

Isolated, peaceful, and probably the closest thing to heaven you'll find on earth -- you know, if you believe in that stuff.

Chinese Thomas the Tank Engine

Usually, these Chinese knock-off toys are cheap imitations of the originals, but in this case I think they've made an improvement!

Patagonia's Magnificent Marble Caves

Set in a body of the bluest blue water, these have to be some of the most beautiful caves on the planet.