Cyclops Shark

Fishermen on the Sea of Cortez found a strange dead shark with a disturbing deformity.

What's Blocking the Chimney?

Could it be a bird's nest?  A collection of soot?  A dead Santa?  Oh no... not even close.

The Onion Punks Conservatives

Have we really become this politically retarded that we can't even recognize a joke without getting all pissed off and outraged?

A Soldier's Best Friend

Some troops from around the world get cuddly with cute little animals.

Pitch Lake

So oily and caked with asphalt that you can actually walk on its surface!

Deer Rescuer

Was this elk showing compassion to a fellow creature in need?

Terrible Tattoos

Some failure is temporary, but in this case it's very permanent.

Weapons Confiscated from Mexican Drug Cartels

It's scary when you see how insanely armed these assholes are.

ATM Robbery Failure

When an ATM ended up with some strange damage to it, investigators discovered something shockingly stupid on its cameras.

Banana Art

A little carving and a lot of imagination turn some oblong yellow fruit into delicious works of art that should be turning brown in the Louvre.