Amphibious Ice Cream Truck

For all of those times you've been out on the surf and thinking, "Wow, I really wish I could have a push-pop right now!" there is finally an answer.

The Pussycar

This is not remotely what you think it is.  Really.


Congratulations to Box Office Champs

If you create the number one movie of all time, only to see it get smacked down to number two, how else are you supposed to react?


This is one of those instances where no other word can be used to describe what has been captured on camera.

Weird German Kids Book

A heartwarming tale of a cat's journey, a nude beach, and kitty murder by shark.  WTF Germany!?

Italian Police Lamborghini

Sleek, stylish, and expensive as hell this is a crimefighter's dream and insurant agent's nightmare.

Chipped Wall Portraits

Most artists create by adding paint to a wall, but Alexandre Farto Aka Vhils creates art by taking it away.

The Great John

Got a big butt?  I mean a really big butt?  Great news!  Now, you can take a dump in comfort!

  China's Disneyland Knockoff

This place may look like Disneyland, it may have Mickey Mouse running around and taking pictures with the kids, but this Chinese park isn't Disneyland and apparently, Minnie Mouse is a cat now.

Shadow Art

In certain lights, these projects may look like piles of junk, but in others...