The Cat with Wings

This little tomcat in China looks like an angel in more than one way!

Root Man No More!

We revisit an old Curiosity with a happy ending!


Frozen Hair

A little hot water and a lot of cold hair make for some strange hairdos.


Conjoined Fish

Two fish form an inseparable bond... really.


Who Painted This?

Roses, landscapes, Jesus and Mary... who is the artist behind these works?


The Car-Eating Tree

Not even cars are safe from the eating trees!


Invasion of the Body Scanners

The government has a $200,000 new toy to fight terrorism... and it can see you naked!



They make their homes in the darnedest places!


Coat Hanger Sculptures

Beautiful works of art made from a very common thing.


This Won't End Well

Sooner or later, he's going to have to poop.