At The Right Moment

Ordinary pictures, when taken at just the right moment and at just the right angle become legendary with the click of a shutter.

Completely Unexpected

Why, there's no way that a mishap could occur with this particular setup.  None at all!

Facebook Revenge

Have you ever heard the old Klingon proverb that revenge is a dish best served cold?  It is very cold... on Facebook.


How Kate Moss Has Fun

What does an internationally famous supermodel do for fun on the beach?  She engages in dickery!

River Rock Balancing

Gravity, balance, and a whole lot of patience go a long way.


Weird Family Photos on Vacation

It doesn't matter where you go, those awkward photos will follow you home!


The Bodies of Mount Everest

Sad and solemn testimony that what goes up, does not always come down.

Stuff Seized From a Drug Lord

It's wicked scary to see just how rich and armed these assholes are.

The Greatest Wedding Photos of All Time

All of the rest of you losers who are getting married can just pack it up and go home right now. You will never be this cool.

Stay Out of My Room

Can you name five words no child should say to parents before leaving for camp for four weeks?