Prepare for one of the saddest things you will ever see.

Sad Self Portraits

When taking that Facebook headshot, check to see what's behind you first.

Grab Bag

Random miscellaneous goodness too awesome to classify under a specific category.  That, and I'm lazy.


The Gamer's Alphabet

From A to Z, this homemade alphabet book will delight the most nostalgic of gamers.


My Pants Are Full of Kittens

I hate it when this happens.

The Celebrity Yearbook Game

Can you identity these famous rising stars of yesterday without being a punk and checking out the answers first?


Inside the World of Muammar Gaddafi

From his female bodyguards to his extravagant homes, take a look at how good the very bad lived.

Forced Perspective

Some amazing pictures that will fool your senses or at least confuse them for a couple of seconds.


Everyone on TV Reads the Same Newspaper

For decades, the same mysterious woman has been showing up in the newspapers you see on TV.  I think it's because of the island.

Running Accident

Thanks to this series of pictures, I never run anywhere.  Of course, I never ran before... but that's beside the point.