The Incredible Amphibious RV

We've featured some pretty amazing recreational vehicles in the past, but this one has got to be the sickest and we love it.

The Worst Seats in the House

These obstructed views and uncomfortable positions must be ever season ticket holder's worst nightmare!

Bird Impressions on Glass

Some birds really know how to leave an "impression" wherever they go... they also know how to run beak-first into glass.  Idiots.

Hidden Meanings Behind Famous Logos

Once you've seen it, you can't unsee it but that's okay because you might not have realized just how clever some of these logos are!

The World Trade Centers that Never Were

There were dozens of designs rejected for the new World Trade Center.  Take a look at some of them.

A View From the Window Seat

If you have always wondered why grown people will fight for the window seat on an airplane, obviously you've never sat in one and enjoyed the sights on a flight.

Morons React to the 9/11 Anniversary

Everyone has a right to form their own political opinion, but no one has a right to form their own facts. The people are racist assholes and no one will ever change my mind.

Strange Things on Google Street View

If you get into a car and drive all over the world taking pictures of everywhere you've been I guess it's inevitable that you're going to pick up some weird shit.

How a Computer Geek Fries Food

You may think they're nerds, but deep inside you're wishing you were half this awesome.

The Fifth Man from the Abby Road Album Cover

That man who's in the background of one of the most famous albums ever has been found... and he doesn't like the Beatles!