A Visit to the Return of the Jedi Set

In 1982, a Star Wars fan named Mike Davis hiked out into the desert to sneak a peek at the filming of newest Star Wars movie.

What a Wonderful World

Pictures like these are the kind of things that will make you want to sell your belongings and travel... or at least call in sick to work to look at them.

Watch Your Dog When You Speed Up

The reason why dogs do this may be a mystery, but it's still fun to watch!

The Amazing Burj Dubai

Get up close and personal with the worlds tallest manmade structure.


Praying Mantises Eating Hummingbirds

These bastards are getting better organized every day!  It's only a matter of time before they start striking at our children and elderly!


Extracto de Rana

Apparently, this new drink is all the rage in Peru for its ability to give you a boner which is great and all until you realize what the secret ingredient is!

The Random Pile

A very random collection of funny and cute stuff I've found in the tubes of the internet.


Jell-O Keyboard: A How-To Guide

Have you ever seen the celebrated Jell-O keyboard prank and have been curious how it's done?  Here you go!

Chinese Knockoffs of Famous Cars

They'll copy toys, technology, and even theme parks in China.  I guess this shouldn't be surprising either.


Finger Monkeys

The smallest species of primate on Earth will overload your cuteness meter more than a barrel full of kittens and puppies being dumped on a dozen laughing babies.