Amazing Body Transformations

It doesn't matter how fat, run down, or sick you think you are, with some determination and hard work, you can reinvent yourself!

Extreme Hot Tubbing

This "extreme" thing has officially gone to far!  Extreme hot tubbing!?  What's next?  Extreme napping?  Extreme Sunday driving?  Extreme visiting your Grandmother?

Fashion Disasters

I am hardly a fashion expert, but I do know the difference between tacky and "please don't leave the house!"

Silly Signs

Thank goodness for poorly translated, sarcastic, or out of contexts signage!  They're good for several cheap laughs!


Glass Beach

Why is the site of a former unregulated garbage dump one of California's neatest tourist destinations?


Things People Saved from the Fire

You've always wondered what you would save if your home was on fire.  These people actually had to make that choice!


Victorian Spirit Photography

Back in the 1860s, photographers hoaxed thousands of people by taking group shots of them with the spirits of their dead family members!


Several menacing and hilarious picture in this gallery will have you laughing...


The Montserrat Exclusion Zone

Years after a disaster left half of an island paradise destroyed and buried, photographers journey to what is left of the island's capitol.

Hilarious Pregnancy Photos

Pregnancy is a wonderful and miraculous thing that leads to a wonderful and promising new life... which makes me wonder why some moms choose to remember the occasion like this.