Reactions from the Nightmare Fear Factory

One of the most infamous haunted houses in North America shows off some reaction photos of visitors scared silly.

Steve Jobs Tribute

Love him or hate him, you cannot deny that he changed the world we live in.

Pictures People Actually Took

Many of these pictures scream "lock me in a box and throw that box into the ocean!"  Thankfully, that didn't happen because they're hilarious!

Saying Good-Bye

When a dying homeless man made a final request, the hospital staff reunited him with his best friend.


Amish Mug Shots

So often, we think of the Amish as harmless so it's a little jarring to see them in mug shots. I wonder what their crime was? Not attaching that reflective orange triangle thing to the back of their buggy because it's too modern?

Idiots on Facebook

They are all around us. They walk among us... the update their statuses among us. They will post their thoughts even in the complete absence of thought.  They are... Facebook Idiots!

The Ice Fishing Incident

I've never been ice-fishing myself, but looking at these pictures I believe I have learned a valuable lesson... vehicles give off too much heat to park on a frozen lake.


Now That You're Big...

That whirling sound you're hearing is Doctor Seuss spinning at about 20,000 RPMs.

The Best Signs from Occupy Wall Street

Join us as we celebrate the smartasses from that other political movement not supported by the GOP or Fox News.

Big Rims

Just thing, some of these rims are several times more expensive than the shitty cars they are attached to.