The Queen Mary

The Queen Mary, now permanently moored in Long Beach, California, has had a long standing reputation of being a haunted cruise ship.  Workers, visitors, and even TV camera crews have reported and documented sightings there for years and paranormal activity has been caught on camera and audio tape by the crews of Unsolved Mysteries and Most Haunted.

During her days on the sea, Queen Mary crossed the Atlantic Ocean over 1000 times and was the witness of almost 50 deaths. During World War II, she was turned into a troop carrier and ironically nicknamed The Gray Ghost.  During wartime, she tragically struck another ship and sank it, leading to a number of deaths and damaging her forward compartments.

Today she is an exhibit and hotel and perhaps one of the most haunted locations in the world.

Littered with web cameras, many people have captured strange and unusual figures in the first class pool area like the ones pictured here.

Ghostly voices and noises were also captured and documented on television in the two clips that appear below.

Is the Queen Mary haunted?  Perhaps you should reserve a room and find out for yourself!